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Angles Fashion

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“Czech shoes for Czech feet“

On angles fashion

Handmade barefoot shoes simulating barefoot walking. Angles was founded in 2016 in Zlín and its name “angels“ refers to the natural angles of a human foot.

our experience with angles shoes

  • Ballerina flats for everyone and every occasion
  • Variety of colors and shapes, suitable for narrow and average feet
  • Thick, high-quality leather
  • Leather scent, not glue
  • Local production
  • Typical ballerina flats design, neutral, for everyday use as well as for special occasions


ballerina flats BALERÍNKY 

  • The Athena flats with a bow, the Harmonia with a minimalist design, the Afrodita is tiny bit wider and with or without a strap over the instep
  • Very thin, fully flexible outsole, maximum proprioception
  • Anatomically shaped toe box suitable even for a dominant toe
  • Flat, unshaped, glued-in leather insole, zero-drop
  • For average and narrow feet

interesting facts

Produced in the Czech Republic, the Angles shoes are made of premium quality leather and other materials from the EU. The company was put together by a group of enthusiasts who were searching the Czech market to find foot-healthy shoes and in the end decided to make the shoes by themselves. The shoes were born through the cooperation with the Tomas Bata University in Zlín and together the team created a last reflecting the shape of a Czech foot. The Angles shoes are available in two shapes: regular, and plus for wider feet.


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