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„every path, even if a thousand miles long, starts with the first step“

On babice

As a part of a dynamic Polish production company, baBice was founded in 2015. This brand focuses on all leather soft soles, designated mainly for the German market, and the barefoot shape of several of their shoes helped them accelerate their production.

our experience with babice shoes

  • All-purpose soft soles, fit many shapes of kids’ feet thanks to their elaborate shape
  • a little thicker yet delicate leather, very soft, eco-friendly dyes
  • monochromatic for minimalist design lovers as well as shoes with playful details and characters
  • no rubbing against the heel, elasticated ankles, not too tight around the ankles, easy on and off



  • BaBice tuned up the toe box shape and it’s PERFECT
  • Suitable even for fan-shaped feet
  • Fit average and wide feet, we do not recommend them for a high instep or for very narrow feet
  • Absolutely no stiffening in the heel, only one layer of leather
  • Suitable for crawling and first steps
  • Non-slip suede sole, one layer of leather, no insole
  • The suede sole may become smoother in time and lose its non-slip function
  • Primarily designed as indoor shoes, if you take them for a walk outside the leather wears off faster
  • Not water resistant, use impregnation for protection from moisture
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