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Baby Bare

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On baby bare

Founded in 2017, Baby bare is a family business, with a small production located in the Central Slovakia. When starting the business, their motivation was to make the indoor, outdoor, attractive, and foot-healthy shoes for children more available. The owner’s children wear barefoot shoes, and she herself is a barefoot shoes fan so founding Baby Bare was her answer to the insufficient offer of barefoot shoes on the market.

our experience with baby bare shoes

  • Shoes with really great parameters – spacious toe box, narrow towards the heel, great shape which suits almost all kids’ feet
  • Modern, attractive colors and their combinations while maintaining a minimalist design
  • Small family business, the demand outnumbers the offer, so their products are often unavailable
  • Good quality products, local production



  • A wide toe box and a narrow heel area are the main reasons for buying BB Febo
  • Ideal anatomical shape of the toe box providing enough space even for a dominant first toe
  • Very flexible, bowl-shaped outsole, fully flexible in all directions
  • Perfect for fan-shaped feet
  • The Sneakers, the Winter, the Youth and the Fall suit feet with a lower instep and narrow ankles, the Spring suits chubbier feet with a higher instep and a wider heel part (the Spring cannot be tightened closely around narrow ankles)
  • Scuff-resistant asfaltico strap on the toe box
  • No counter, two layers of leather
  • Removable insole



  • 2-3 mm flat unshaped sole, fully flexible in all directions
  • No insole, thin smooth leather glued to the outsole
  • A bit thicker leather yet very soft, no rubbing, good moisture absorption
  • Only leather, no counter, shoes similar to soft soles – do not hold their shape
  • Accepted in kindergartens as suitable slippers (non-slip sole, secure fit)
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Spacious toe box, suitable for dominant first toe/fan-shaped feet
  • All-leather shoes – providing the feet with a good hygiene comfort (breathable leather absorbs perspiration moisture)
  • Top stitch – stitching line above the fingers providing space even towards the edges of the toe box
  • Velcro strap – provides a secure fit even for kids with narrow ankles and feet
  • Different levels of perforation (top stitch, summer perforation, sandals)


Interesting facts

Baby Bare shoes are made of high-quality materials, soft breathable Italian leather. The shoes with a bowl-shaped sole have a 3 mm thick rubber outsole, also made in Italy, it is very flexible in all directions. All materials are certified and non-toxic. Both for indoor and outdoor use, the shoes can work as slippers in the kindergarten, at home or in play centers or as summer sandals if you take them outdoors. Each pair weighs about 122 grams.


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