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Protetika Plus

Protetika Plus

„Péče, ochrana a pohodlí“

about the brand 

Protetika is a Slovak company producing orthotic accessories and shoes. In 2019 Protetika started with the kids' barefoot shoes. In their factory in Slovakia and Ukraine, they handmake shoes which are appreciated for their excellent barefoot parameters and acceptable price.

our experience with Protetika Plus

  • great value for money ratio  
  • functional rubber overlap on the toe box and in the heel part too
  • affordable simple shoes with a nice toe box shape, soft outsole, made of good quality materials 



  • fully flexible 4 mm outsole, very easy to bend
  • anatomically shaped toe box fits well on dominant big toe as well 
  • toe box suitable for straight foot shape 
  • removable flat insole 
  • zero drop
  • soft and flexible heel, no heel counter, just little bit stiffer due to small outsole overlap
  • fits well on normal foot and higher instep 
  • cant be tightened easily on narrow ankle and heel 
  • suitable for active walkers, we do not recommend them too much for first walkers who still combine walking and crawling (the shoe is soft and flexible but more leather layers make it stiffer and can limit the 100% natural movement while crawling) )




Posláním společnosti Protetika je starat se o zdraví klientů prostřednictvím série procesů, a přístupů s využitím moderních technologií tak, aby byla výsledkem této činnosti kvalitní, zdraví prospěšná, moderní funkční obuv a celá řada zdravotnických pomůcek.

Kolekce Protetika Barefoot je novinka respektující více přirozenost s minimálním zásahem vnějších faktorů do pohybu.

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