Our team

Klárka   Martin


Klára – owner

7 years ago she wanted some shoes for her first daughter. And now, here is a shop with thousands of pairs of barefoot shoes. Klara chooses our new products and her goals are satisfied customer and the team.

klara@footic.com |+420 605 419 374 



Martin – owner

For 15 years he was in the educational business helping Czechs to learn foreign languages. Now there is a new ambition - to teach people all around Europe to wear barefoot shoes. 

martin@footic.com |+ 420 775 221 933




Lucka    Lenka 


Lucka – when you need any kind of help...

She is both the heart and engine of the company. Willing to help at any time to anyone and really quickly. And if there is anything to compete at, she is the first one in (and also win). 



Lenka – when you need any kind of help...

Your praise for the perfect size charts goes to Lenka and her preciseness. The Plus 12 measuring device and Clevermess are her best friends far around.




Katka    Péťa 


Katka – PPC, SEO, PR, Content...

to let you know what we know and let you see what we see. And to spread the word about barefoot shoes and their benefits. 



Péťa – shipping to you with love and fast

Pick up, control, pack, place the label, put in the card and hand over to our beloved couriers. So that you can wear your new barefoot shoes as soon as possible.

 Zuzka   Kačka 


Zuzka – shipping to you with love and fast

She can process your orders and also bake fantastic bread. So she takes care of our lunch and feeds our couriers as well, so they deliver really fast.  



Kačka – shipping to you with love and fast

Kačka lives next door...so she can possibly drop in wearing her pyjamas to pack your late-night order. 








Klárka – shipping to you with love and fast

 Klara puts the products in stock, packs the orders, makes the inventory check... In case of emergency can even involve the family. She does everything to keep the wheels turning...



Anička – shipping to you with love and fast

Anička prepares all the product descriptions and is ready to answer your questions regarding our products or your orders.