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Returns and Exchanges

You can return anything within 3 weeks after receiving your order (the goods must be not worn, in original packing with all the labels enclosed - do not worry to cut them off for the trying). 

Please do not use the original packing of the product as packing for the return delivery of the goods, neither place the shipping labels on it nor write down the return address, thanks a lot :-). 

Please use the following return address as applicable for your country. Please do not ship the goods as cash on delivery, we cannot accept it. 

ID 94029095
Schloßplatz 2
086 48 Bad Brambach


Packeta International_ DPD d.o.o.
ID 94029095
Depot Maribor
Tržaška cesta 43
2000 Maribor

(Österreichische Post only)

ID 94029095
Postfach 4
3860 Heidenreichstein


OMNIVA EE (sorting center) – Packeta International
ID 94029095
Rukki tee 7
Lehmja, 75306
Harju maakond, Estonia


ID 94029095
Mostowa 4
43–400 Cieszyn


Little Shoes s.r.o.
Švantlova 2711
Písek 397 01
Czech Republic

Just write down what do you return and why. And do not forget your account number for the money refund. You can either use the Contract Withdrawal Form for an easy return or just simply write down following information on a piece of paper and send it along with the returned goods.

  • Name as on the order
  • Bank account no. for the money reimbursement (IBAN, BIC)
  • Phone and email 
  • Reason for return
  • Date and signature



Do you need to change your shoes for different model or size? Return the items form the original order and process a new one including the payment. We will reimburse you for the returned items and the whole exchange process will be faster and you will be sure that we do not sell your desired items in the meanwhile. And possible price differences will be sorted out too...


To file a warranty claim please fill in the Warranty Claim Form 2020

Before you claim your rights from defective performance please make sure it is justifiable. The lifespan of footwear is determined by the way and intensity of using. While using it inappropriately a defect can occur much earlier than after 24 months without entitling the buyer to claim the right from defective performance. The most common reasons for an unjustifiable claim are:

  • the goods were used in an inappropriate way (e.g. on a balance bike, wearing the fashion shoes for sports activities, taking the interior shoes outside...) and therefore damaged (mechanical damage, in particular, torn, cut, thermally damaged goods, goods damaged by careless disproportionate physical treatment, intentional scratching of layers of goods, etc.)
  • the defect was present upon receipt of the order by the Buyer and even though the item was used (typically wrong sewing, different sizes of left and right shoe, unevenness of the sole etc.);
  • the shoes were incorrectly chosen for a certain user (the shoes are too tight, slip off, don´t fit well etc.);
  • the defect was intensified by further use of the goods after the defect had primarily occurred
  • the defect is caused by wear and tear by its normal use in conditions in which the goods are typically used (different temperature, dustiness, humidity, chemical and mechanical influences in the environment);
  • incorrect storing and shoe care (absence of regular polish treatment and impregnation; washing the shoes in a washing machine; drying the shoes in the dryer or any other source of thermal radiation or sun drying; use of inappropriate cleaners, detergents and/or polish)
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