In love with Ahinsa


So, I arrived at Koryčany, an old settlement of the kitchen manufacturer Koryna, to check out Ahinsa shoes. If I knew what was waiting for me there, I would at least stop by the gas station to wash my feet in the sink…


Marcela, always positive and enthusiastic, was as kind as if I hadn’t arrived 40 minutes late. Lukáš Klimpera, a barefoot guru, welcomed me with words “Dobrý den” (Czech greeting which means something like "Have a good day"), and I think he really meant it. What he says, he means. I trust him in everything he does. I respect Lukáš as a human being, as a physiotherapist, someone who gave barefoot in the Czech Republic much more than thousands of pairs of Ahinsa shoes. I admire him as an entrepreneur with the most human face. And that is being carried through the whole company...

If you can, please buy Ahinsa. From those shoes it shines, with what thought and feeling they are made, what materials are used, the cuts that are properly considered, and it is all with one aim – so that they will suit you the best. Just as Lukáš is very kind, so is the whole team. The company has got the spirit. That is why I am so excited about my first new Ahinsas, specially made for me. They are now being prepared in a modernized workshop, which I’ve had the chance to check out.


Ahinsa shoes are local and they don’t cross the world, that is one of the many reasons why you should have them. They are original, vegan, designed by an experienced physiotherapist and they are also available in our Little Shoes shop!


Then I took off my shoes, and my socks, hesitating (because they were new, so I had little lumps everywhere on my feet and therefore I had the same colour on my face as my nail polish, haha) and for the first time in my life, I stepped on podoscope. I got a compliment concerning the weight distribution between the heel/toe, well-worked arch and also a recommendation to lean more on the outside of the foot and unwind the step from it, lean on your fingers more. These are just details that I think about while walking and when I get my new sneakers, I’ll think about them even more. Details, but also my trouble-free feet can walk better, hopefully. I will be grateful for that when I grow older.

And then a miracle happened. I was showing how nicely I can move fingers on my right foot, one by one, splay them and so on. But my left foot couldn’t do the same. The little toe is laying there and does not react to brain impulses. But that completely changed in 37 minutes because Lukáš literally taught my finger a few exercises so that it could move. And it worked perfectly.


I may not have a happier life thanks to the moving left little finger on my foot, but I would not believe the noticeable progress that can be done with a short exercise.

I and Lukáš are planning a seminar in Písek in the new shop, so you can ride the same euphoric wave! We don’t have a term yet but keep checking out our Facebook page. I will specify when Luke will honour us with his presence and enrich your feet with the right steps and exercises.