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Lazy days are over and with the start of the new school year regular daily routine is back. But it is never quite easy to catch the right rhythm, sharpen the discipline and find the ideal system to remember to give your child a bottle of water on Monday, a snack on Tuesday, a pencil case and their favorite cinnamon roll on Wednesday and finally not to forget about picking them up from school on Thursday. We can’t help you out with your family management at the beginning of the new school year, but we’ll try to save you a couple valuable time slots when shopping for slippers for school and kindergarten.

There’s no way we would ever guess whether you child needs his or her shoes bigger by just one size or two, but if you do the measuring of your child’s feet and if we do the measuring of the shoes and the sum-up of all the information on the soon-to-be-your-new barefoot slippers, there’s no way you child’s new shoes won’t be soon on their way.



The ideal size excess with slippers is 10-12 mm but always consider how your child handles the extra wiggle room in his or her shoes. The crucial part is for the shoe to allow your child to have a natural gait, to fit perfectly in the heel and to offer enough room for the toes, this means the shoe can never be narrower than the actual foot.



The slippers are truly barefoot:
  • Their anatomically shaped toe box will put a smile on your face (only Nanga slippers don’t have the ideal shape).
  • All slippers are zero-drop.
  • The insoles are unshaped.
  • The outsole is flexible laterally as well as transverse.
  • The slippers have no counter, they are all soft in the heel area. Only Beda offer one design with a counter (it shows in the name of the product).
  • The weight of all the shoes is more or less the same, all slippers are lightweight.
  • All locally produced – Beda, Fare, Pegres and Jonap are made in the Czech Republic, all the rest in the EU.


Shape of the sole

Beda (both the narrow and the standard design) generally have a rather straight shape of the toe box, they’re less curved and therefore they will be the right choice even if all the toes are pretty much of the same length. Jonap and Pegres shoes, on the contrary, have a slanted shape of the toe box and therefore they will be a good match for kids with a dominant first or second toe. All the slippers (except for Nanga) are suitable for a dominant big toe, Anatomic shoes feature the most “banana” shaped toe box so they are the most spacious of all and will fit your child’s feet even if the first toe tends to point outwards, and the same applies to Jonap and Fare.

Ef shoes are the narrowest ones of all, they are a good fit for thin ankles.


All the shoes are really flexible, you’ll be able to bend the soles with minimum effort both in walking direction and transverse. Nanga shoes are the softest ones by far, their soles are basically made only of cotton coated by rubber and it’s hard to tell them apart from all-textile slippers. Ef and Tikki feature soles which are a tiny bit thinner than the soles of the rest of the designs and therefore they’re a little more flexible, too. The rest of the shoes seem to be pretty much the same regarding the flexibility. Fare shoes give the impression of slightly sturdier footwear due to the rubber toe cap, but don’t be mistaken, they are very flexible, nevertheless.

Check out the video, we bent and squeezed all the slippers for you to see.

See how they fit

All shoes photographed on the following foot: 162 x 63 mm, narrow foot, low instep, thin ankles

Beda and Pegres

Both are about the same in width, Pegres slippers are a little higher above the toes and offer more space around the heel. Instep part is quite comparable. Also, Pegres are a little wider in the middle part of the shoe (around the foot arch). Both designs are subtly stiffened in the heel so they keep the shape, but it’s not a real counter, you can bend the heel part very easily.

Beda also produces a special design with a heel counter, these shoes with a stiffer heel have the letters OP in the product name.

Tikki and Baby bare

Leather slippers, quite spacious in the toe box. The leather they’re made of is very soft, and they can be tightened well around thin ankles, much better than most of the textile slippers. They are very comfortable and have no inner seams. Tikki slippers are a little lower in the instep. Their heel part is not stiffened at all.


Ef and Anatomic

Slippers suitable for narrow feet, both similar in shape, can be tightened well around narrow heels and thin ankles. They are a little lower in the instep when compared to Beda and Pegres, but nevertheless, for feet with a very low instep they might still be a little too spacious. The new design of Anatomic slippers fits better in the heel when compared to their older designs. They have no counter. They are very softly stiffened in the heel part and can be bent with hardly any effort.

Narrow Beda and Beda ballerina flats

The narrow design by Beda offers a bit different shape and will fit feet which are not fan-shaped or feet which don’t tend to incline the toes inwards in wider shoes. They will be perfect for feet with a higher instep, Ef slippers will be a better choice for generally narrow feet or for thin fan-shaped feet. Beda ballerina flats can be tightened well around thin heel/ankles, but nevertheless they fit better an average foot rather than a narrow, thin foot.

Jonap and Fare

Jonap slippers offer the most space in the toe box. Perfect for feet with a dominant big toe. Similar height of the instep like Beda and Pegres slippers, however you won‘t be able to tighten them well around a really thin ankle. Fare slippers are the only ones with a rubber toe cap, they are a little stiffer, more resistant, but nevertheless their sole is very soft. They suit well fan-shaped feet, meaning a foot with a wide toe and narrow heel part, they can be tightened well around narrow ankles.


Super soft, all-cotton or woolen, only the sole is coated by rubber and therefore non-slip. It is not a glued outsole but only an extra thin layer of rubber, so the shoes are incredibly flexible. However, the shape of the toe box is not ideal here – a bit too narrow for a dominant big toe. Also, it is not possible to tighten them around the foot, the elastic rubber band is not adjustable.

We have our fingers crossed for you to choose well. Unless there’s another lockdown ahead of us, your child will spend most of his or her days at school or kindergarten, wearing SLIPPERS, so it’d be a real shame for them not to be comfy and heathy.

Next arrivals

  • New arrivals of Beda shoes every now and then, we are still awaiting the narrow design by Beda and their ballerina flats as well as other color variations of their standard designs.
  • All the other slippers already in stock, more arrivals expected during autumn.


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