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Spring sneakers 2022

A Prayer for a barefoot shoe rack!

Choosing shoes is a skill, shoemaking is a craft, and selling barefoot shoes is hard work.

Without exaggeration and fun. Shoe choosing is a science, even though it might not look like it.

We will ease your choice with the right advice, detailed descriptions, photos, or videos. We will ask for your measurements, and if you want to get them right, follow the measuring instructions and take your time. Read and look through our offer of spring shoes, but if you still hesitate, don’t hesitate - to contact us. Get in touch with us by phone, email, or through Instagram or Facebook. It is up to you because we are omnipresent.

Sole shape

The shoe differs in the width of the toes and shape. Some shoe is straighter by the big toe or broader in the heel, and other can be in the shape of a banana or a fin.

The shoe should copy the foot shape, and a little extra room doesn’t matter, but a more significant room can cause difficulties. If you are short of a few centimeters, the shoes can be painful, but if the shoe lacks much more, your foot can change the shape, and nobody wants this.

Spring sneakers of 2022
Shoes in a size 31 - worn on normal/narrower foot of 193 x 72 mm with average instep and regular heel.


Pegres & Vivobarefoot

Ideal foot for Pegres and Vivo shoes? Fin shape with not so high instep.

Pegres's toe box is nicely shaped and is suitable for a tilted big toe, dominant first toe, and fin shape. The sole is flexible but slightly stiffer than Vivo. The combination of leather and breathable fabric guarantees breathability. The rubber lace with a slide fastener is designed for further fit adjustments. The shoes are slightly firmer in the heel but not utterly stiff. Pegres brand fits better people with slimmer ankles than Vivo. The sole is removable.

Vivobarefoot shoes, unlike Pegres, are looser in the heel but at the same time soft because of no reinforcement. The material is a combination of PET recycled fabric, which protects the shoe, and breathable fabric. Perforation on the material is more significant than by the Pegres brand, so they are more breathable. The inner sole isn’t removable. For a proper fit, the shoe has an instep velcro strap (some Vivo collections have trail out-sole and rubber laces with slip fastener, so they are a bit rougher and more anti-slip). The velcro strap is situated quite low on the instep, so its fastening won’t influence the fit around the ankle.

Pegres, Vivobarefoot

Protetika & Bobux

Let me introduce you to straight shoes, where the outsole isn’t much broader in the toe box than in the heel. These brands are suitable for children who don’t have fin-shaped toes. Both brands are targeting children with higher insteps and not-so-slim heels.

Protetika shoes are reasonably priced, and the material is analogue of denim, a stiffer cloth with a lining. This brand is less breathable than Vivo, which has perforation. In the heel, there is a cushion lining that guarantees comfort. The inner sole is removable, and the shoe sole is very flexible. The big toe area is straight and doesn’t rotate inwards, and for this reason, it is suitable for a dominant big toe. The heel is comparable to Pegres, only slightly firmer. The shoe has a velcro strap, so it is adjustable to slim ankles but not to the low instep.

Bobux shoes are fashionable, the material is breathable, painted over in the toe, the fabric is very light, flexible, and airy, and ensures maximal comfort. On the inside, there is a minimum of seams. Bobus shoes in bigger size are straighter, and smaller size has a broader toe box than the heel. Fastening on the instep enables only partial tightening, so a full adjustment to a slim ankle isn't possible. The inner sole isn’t removable, and the shoe sole is a bit firmer than Protetika but similar to Pegres.

Protetika, Bobux

Sole Runner & Fare

Wide feet sit up and take notice. These two pieces have the broadest toe boxes on our offer. We could say that Fare shoes are generous with the big toe and will impress the dominant big toe and foot, which has a big toe that tilts to the side from the other toes. Sole Runner is less fin-shaped.

Sole Runner shoes have a more trekking antislip sole, yet they are nicely flexible. They have a removable inner sole and non-reinforced heel. The syntectic fabric is breathable but not perforated. They are suitable for higher instep because they can be easily tightened to slimmer ankles.

Fare fits on the average instep, but if you tighten the shoe to a low one, there will be a lot of extra space around the ankle. I recommend this brand for chubbier feet with higher insteps, so the foot can fill out the shoe completely and isn't too loose by the ankle. The inner sole is removable, the outer sole flexible, and the heel reinforced. They are the firmest of compared sneakers. These sneakers are relatively breathable, from one layer of fabric, similar to a home or school slippers.

Sole Runner, Fare

Bare3Foot & Feelmax

3F shoes have shifted sizing, and after the photoshoot, we discovered that size 31 is small. The shoe only gives the impression of being easily adjusted to slimmer legs, but in fact, the needed size can be too loose. Both brands are spacious in the toes, instep, ankle, and above the toes. Both toe tips are anatomically shaped, but 3F has a better big toe bevel. Both sneakers are suitable for chubbier feet. If you look at the photo, there is nothing wrong with the fit, but in reality, the shoe looks quite „empty“. The advantage is that they can be adjusted.

3F shoes are a bit tougher than Feelmax but with similar flexibility as Fare. These shoes don’t have a raised heel and have a removable inner sole, and the material is a not-so-breathable fabric.

Feelmax shoes are more spacious in the instep and around the ankle, so we recommend them for chubby feet. The shoe sole is extra flexible and doesn’t have a removable insole. The heel is very soft, and the shoe material is from a breathable synthetic fabric.

Bar3foot, Feelmax

Froddo & Be Lenka

The middle ground in flexibility and proportions.

Froddo brand is suitable for many children. These sneakers are more like home slippers. Thanks to a reasonable price and style, we can wear the shoes like everyday shoes. They are breathable because the thicker fabric doesn’t have a lining. Because of velcro straps, we can tighten the shoe around the lower instep. The heel doesn’t have reinforcement, and for this reason, the heel area can be looser, and it may create a gap. For more sensitive children, the shoes can chafe the ankle. There is an extra layer in the heel, so the area is soft and without a raised heel. The outer sole is relatively firmer than Be Lenka but similar to Pegres. The inner sole is removable, and the toe box has an average width and anatomical shape.

Be Lenka shoes have a well-shaped toe box, or more precisely, they are fin-shaped. They fit average feet with higher insteps and have a bigger opening, and for this reason, you can adjust them to slimmer heels, ankles, or low insteps. The inner sole is removable, and the mesh is breathable.

Froddo, Be Lenka
Beda & Jonap

Czech brands that thought about wider feet.

Beda has a straight big toe area and is suitable for a dominant big toe. This model isn’t so high in the instep, so we recommend it for not-so-chubby feet. The heel is non-reinforced, but there are models with raised heels, so if you are interested in buying this model, look for OP in the description. The inner sole is removable, and the upper material has a breathable lining. They are equally breathable, but models from the mesh are more breathable. Thanks to the heel cushioning, the shoes are comfy and are easily adjusted to slender ankles. The shoe sole is very flexible, slightly more than Jonap.

Jonap shoes are slightly broader, and the big toe area rotates inwards. The heel doesn’t have any cushioning yet fits well and is adjustable to a slimmer heel. They are not too tight in the instep. If you have a high instep, the velcro straps might not be enough for your feet. The slightly reinforced heel isn’t raised. The inner sole is removable.

Beda, Jonap

Affenzahn & Blifestyle

I recommend these sneakers to people with narrow feet. Affenzahn shoes have a nice toe box, even convenient for the dominant big toe and slimmer feet. The shoe sole is very flexible, one of the most flexible. The heel isn’t reinforced, and the inner sole is sewn in. They can be adjusted to narrower heel and lower instep, but overall, the instep is more spacious, so you may need to tighten the shoe more than you would expect. The material is breathable, the cotton fabric as well as the mesh.

Blifestyle shoes are slightly stiffer than Affenzahn, and by the big toe, the shoe rotates inwards. They are from pleasant material, and my daughter labeled them as the most comfortable shoes (even though they aren’t pink). They are suitable for narrower ankles, and the material is thick breathable cotton. The inner sole isn’t removable.

Affenzahn, Blifestyle
Baby Bare & Froddo 

Baby Bare shoes are the most barefoot of all mentioned shoes, and the toe box is more spacious and more beveled for a dominant big toe. The shoe sole is more flexible, and the heel is soft. The inner sole is removable. They are suitable for wider feet with not so low instep. The area around the ankle isn’t adjustable to slim feet. The materials combine leather and synthetic fabric, which aren't so breathable.

Froddo shoes are stiffer, slightly firmer in the heel, and narrower in the toes. We recommend it to everybody who looks for a compromise. They fit a low instep and can be tightened around the ankle and behind the heel. They are suitable for all kinds of feet. They are leather lined, so they are less breathable, though the upper part is from leather and breathable fabric. The inner sole is removable.

Baby Bare, Froddo
Xero & D.D.Step

Something spacious to the terrain! Xero shoes are outdoor, thanks to the trekking outsole. Roomy to the width and above the toes. The sneakers have regular and average instep. If you need, you can influence the fit with lace. The shoes have a removable inner sole and slightly stiffer heel. The flexible outsole is convenient for the terrain. The shoe is spacious around the ankle and heel, so it is suitable for a chubbier foot. The sneakers are breathable, hence the perforated synthetic fabric.

D.D.step shoes aren’t so spacious to the width but have a lot of room in the instep, above the toes. If it's needed, the sneakers can stretch to the width. Overall they are suitable for chubby feet, not for low instep and slim heels. They have the most flexible soles of all compared shoes and have soft upper and heel material. The fabric is breathable.

Xero, DDstep

We wish you right choice and convenient weather for the sneakers :-)