Barefoot shoes for adults


For adult shoes we take shoes in size 37-47. Barefoot shoes are a means for natural and healthy walking, overall we stock hundreds of different pairs of stylish barefoot shoes for women and men of all ages. You can expect fast delivery and you can return any shoes that don't fit within three weeks of receipt.

Why should you wear barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are recommended for children to preserve the natural development of the foot. However, adults also benefit from barefoot shoes because they have:

  • a wide toe box that gives the toes plenty of room to actively engage in movement
  • a flat sole without a raised toe or heel, so they don't shift the centre of gravity out of its optimal position
  • high flexibility to allow the correct unwinding of the stride when walking
  • low weight, which makes the shoes almost impossible to feel on the foot

Misconceptions about barefoot shoes

Many adults don't want to buy barefoot shoes because of some of the popular beliefs that are not entirely based on truth:

  • Barefoot shoes are ugly. They may not have a sexy heel or toe, but they don't look much different from conventional footwear. Plus, decide for yourself if you're more bothered by a seemingly wide toe or the full-body pain of ruined feet from overly restrictive shoes.
  • Barefoot shoes can't be worn in the city. You can safely wear barefoot shoes anywhere, but it depends on your walking style. If you're stomping across cobblestone streets in a hurry and you're not going to stop, you really better not wear barefoot shoes in the city. But that doesn't stop you from trying them out in the countryside.
  • Barefoot shoes won't fix my feet. It depends on the degree of foot deformity, but why not try? Even if the condition doesn't improve, isn't it more beneficial to stop destroying my feet and preserve at least a modicum of health? Quitting smoking won't cure the lungs either, but it certainly benefits them.
  • Barefoot shoes are expensive. Does it matter if you value money over your own health? The price of barefoot shoes corresponds to higher production and added value. You probably spend larger sums in total on less useful things, so why not invest in something you use daily?

Types of barefoot shoes for adults

Barefoot shoes for adults we offer a wide range, all in stock.

  • barefoot sneakers - light and breathable shoes for dry weather
    • outdoor shoes - with a thicker sole and better anti-slip pattern ideal for hiking
    • athletic shoes - for sports activities of all types, or as indoor shoes
    • slip on shoes - simple slip-on shoes
  • barefoot sandals - open summer shoes
  • winter barefoot boots - insulated boots and snowshoes
  • barefoot low top shoes - closed low shoes suitable for any season
  • barefoot high top shoes - closed higher shoes for colder autumn
  • barefoot knee high boots - high boots for women
  • barefoot ballet flats - women's shoes for the society
  • barefoot slippers and water shoes - garden pool shoes and swimming shoes
  • barefoot socks shoes - socks with a durable sole

How to choose shoes for adults

Shop barefoot shoes online, from the comfort of your home. To save time, money and the environment, we recommend:

  1. before choosing shoes, measure the length and width of the foot (e.g. by tracing on paper)
  2. filter your shoes according to the internal dimensions (add at least 5-6 mm of oversize to the measured foot for sufficient space in the shoe)
  3. through other parameters (color, manufacturer, shoe type, etc.) find the perfect pair for you

If you have any doubts, try contacting our customer support via chat, email or phone. We will be happy to help you choose the right shoes.

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What shoes to buy?

We have been selecting the best shoes for the natural development of feet for 10 years. On the Footic website, you will find proven and healthy shoes for men and women of all ages. We also wear stylish barefoot shoes outdoors, in the city, and on special occasions to maintain good walking habits.

Our Footic e-shop allows you to easily filter shoes by size, type, colour, manufacturer and many other parameters. We will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right shoes on our customer service line - you can contact us via chat, e-mail, phone, Facebook or Instagram. The key is always to measure the length and width of the foot accurately.

The most popular brands of barefoot shoes for adults include CamperBe LenkaVivobarefootXero ShoesZAQQAngles FashionRock Spring and Leguano. We stock all shoes and guarantee fast delivery with a return policy of up to three weeks.