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Norwegian manufacturer of school bags, pencil cases and backpacks for children, Frii of Norway means freedom for children's backs. CEO Roy Kjøstvedt has been working on developing quality school bags for more than 20 years, and therefore knows the criteria for quality and durable backpacks with good carrying properties. He developed the Frii of Norway brand together with designers Vibeke Sagen Dale and Cecilia Kyllingstad, aiming to create a lighter backpack with an appealing design compared to heavy school briefcases.

Why to choose Frii of Norway?

  • Tasteful backpacks for children and young people meet strict criteria for ergonomics and health safety. Tests are carried out in excess of legal obligations and declare the safety of the materials, colours and construction of the backpacks.
  • They are perfectly adjustable in the back, the chest and waist belt helps to distribute the weight over the entire back.
  • The backpacks are practically made, simple fastening, divided pockets, safety reflective elements.
  • The backpack includes a rain cover.
  • Accessories such as pencil case and bottle can be combined with the backpack in the same design.
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