Cleaning - Maintenance - Protection


You can be motivated by the longer lifespan of shoes, attractive appearance of your footwear, dry feet, pleasant smell…

  • Clean your shoes – with a moist small piece of cloth, shoe cleaner or waterproofer will help you. It works on a similar base as a soap or removal. It will remove all the dirt that does not belong there.

  • Maintain the leather – it loses its colour, dries and cracks. It doesn’t matter if you choose a conditioner, vegan cream or oil. What matters is to give the leather the juice. Please check, if the product is suitable for smooth or sharpened leather and let the material have some recovery. For synthetic materials and textiles, leave out the grease.

  • Protect the shoe against dust, water, salt. Impregnation prevents impurities from entering. Choose the universal spray for both synthetic and natural materials, that preserves the functionality of the membrane, or protects colour from UV rays. During wintertime, impregnation drives away the salt, that has got a tendency to dissolve the glue and affects the colourfulness, dries the leather out. You will protect the leather/textile/synthetics but also the treatment, you also increase the water resistance and lifespan.



Always when your shoes get fouled, wet, or after 1 or 2 weeks when everything is absorbed. Be careful when stepping on the grass – it works as a brush and removes all the products more quickly.

Apply shoe polish and impregnations on dry shoes, check out the suitability of the concrete material, exposure period and try how it works with the colour on a less visible place.

And because there is no planet B, we are very proud that Collonil received Sustainability Certificate from internationally recognized German Institute on its products. This guarantees that everything is produced with a minimum of substances harmful for the environment and they prefer the proportion of natural substances. Their range of organics is a pure natural, vegan shoe polish, but also from other products, such as the popular Carbon, they have removed dangerous chemicals - PFOA, PFOS and aerosols that do not contain gases that damage the ozone layer. WOW!


We have got a new product in our shop – antibacterial fine-smelling cushions, which absorb moisture from footwear. Sweaty or moist shoes are the ideal environment for mildews and the resulting unpleasant smell. Let’s put some little designer cushion into your shoes!