Foot Measurement

Measuring feet, length, width

1. Stand (full weight and barefoot) on the paper at the stop (against the wall, in the box).

2. Make a mark in front of your longest finger and at the widest point (hold the pencil perpendicular to the paper).

3. Measure the length from the middle of the heel to the longest point (you have the length of the foot) 

4. Add an extra space for enough room in the shoe:

  • toddler shoes, infant shoes (5-9 mm)
  • closed shoes (10-12 mm kids, 5-7 mm adults)
  • open sandals (6-8 mm kids, 4-6 mm adults)
  • winter and outdoor boots (12-15 mm kids, 7-10 mm adults)

And filter the desired shoes according to the results.

5. For more certain results, also measure the width of the foot at its widest point and the dimensions of the other foot. If they differ, use the higher figure.

Example foot measurement: children's foot length 207 mm + closed shoe extra space 10-12 mm = ideal internal length of a new shoe between 217-219 mm (enter 215-221 mm in the filter for a wider selection)