Foot Measurement

Measure your foot correctly and choose shoes according to the size chart. Save your time, money and our planet... Avoid returning unnecessary shoes that don't fit.

Foot measuring

Measure your feet easily


  • measure the width in the same way - put the big toe side of the foot against the stop and mark the widest point
  • it is better to measure both feet and under full load, results may vary

Add the extra toe space

  • 10-12mm for children to give the foot extra room to grow inside the shoe
  • for adults 5-7 mm for closed-toed outdoor shoes, 7-10 mm for sports shoes, 2-3 mm for open-toed sandals

Use the filter

  • enter the length and width with extra toe space (we re-measure the shoes and provide you with the inside measurements we have taken)

Example of foot measurement: foot length 207 mm + 10-12 mm extra toe space = ideal internal length of a new shoe in the range 217-219 mm (for a wider selection in the filter, use approx. 214-221).