Women's All-season Low Leather Barefoot Shoes of 2023

Spring is here! We’ve gradually shed the warm layers of clothing, and it’s time to change from warm winter boots to low all-season shoes. We’ve compared 12 pairs of women’s leather barefoot shoes, photographed and filmed them on our feet to give you a better idea and help you to choose.

We photographed the shoe on a 236 x 91 mm foot with an average instep and a narrower heel.


Sole shape

See which sole shape is ideal for you. The shoes vary in shape and space in the toe, as well as the degree of taper in the heel. Some fit better on the dominant toe, others comfortably accommodate a straighter foot type with similarly long toes, while others are more tapered to the little toe. Some models are more subtle and the shoes more elegant, while others have a more distinctive pattern. Consider your proportions and priorities.

And then choose - filter the length and width you need, extra space at least 6 mm, but often up to 12 mm, depending on your feeling.

Read on for a more detailed comparison.

Soles all season women's low leather shoes

Aylla & Be Lenka

The Aylla Inca is the brand's first full leather barefoot shoe for the spring and autumn months. The shoe has a perfect toe box shape for the fin-shaped foot and the slightly protruding big toe, also is slightly banana-shaped. They are suitable for wide and medium toes and taper towards the heel. The soles are both glued and stitched, making the sneakers durable and flexible throughout their length and width. There is plenty of room above the toes, and the laces provide instep adjustment.

The Be Lenka Prime 2.0 Light Pink trainers are sporty and elegant, very similar to the Aylla sneakers. They have almost the exact measurements, but the heel is more spacious. The anatomically shaped toe box will keep your feet comfortable all day long. The prime 2.0 has a softer edge around the ankle for added comfort. 

Aylla, Be Lenka

Koel & Camper

The Koel Fenia Napa White/Esmerald is a simple, modern sneaker from the Spring 2023 collection. The white colour is enlivened with a colourful metallic section around the ankle and on the tongue. The anatomically shaped toe box is also suitable for the dominant big toe and tapering at the heel. The sole is extra soft and flexible with an anti-slip pattern. The shoes fit average and slightly narrower feet even with a higher instep, and thanks to the laces, they are easily adjustable.

The Camper Cami Peu Beige sneaker is a Camper's classic - elegant, timeless yet imaginative and uniquely designed shoes. They fit average/narrower feet (but not too wide), suitable for slightly higher instep. Thanks to the rubber laces, they don't need to be tied. However, they are more difficult to tighten. We don't recommend them for very narrow heels and ankles.

Koel, Camper

Angles & Vivobarefoot

Angles Linos white leather sneakers are versatile and perfect for all occasions. A spacious anatomically shaped toe box offers plenty of room even for the dominant big toe and is 100% barefoot friendly. They are also roomy over the toes and fit thicker feet and higher insteps. Wear these white sneakers with everything. They are a must-have in your wardrobe.

The Vivobarefoot Opanka sneaker is a popular model with lacing. The shoes are more elegant than the classic sneakers, so they are suitable for the office or walks in the city. You can wear them with trousers or a skirt. The sole is thin but abrasion resistant and extra flexible.

Angles, Vivobarefoot

Protetika & Anatomic

Barefoot shoes at more affordable prices :-)

Protetika Adela Navy all-leather sneakers are sporty and elegant, appropriate for everyday wear. They are easy to combine due to their simple and classic style. The shoes have flexible, soft soles and are roomy in the toe, suitable for a dominant big toe. They fit medium and lower instep and are adjustable.

Anatomic Natural All-Year Bottine sneakers are simple classics. Their anatomical shape respects the shape of the human foot, and they have a slightly reinforced sole. The 5mm thick sole is flexible in all directions. They fit medium/wider feet with plenty of room above the toes and in the instep. Because of the reasonable price and the slightly thicker sole, we recommend them for beginners who don't know if barefoot shoes are for them.

Protetika, Anatomic

ZAQQ & Vivobarefoot

ZAQQ SLOQ White sneakers made of perforated leather are sporty-chic, simple, modern, and suitable for the spring weather. They have a cast 4mm sole stitched around the perimeter and without glueing. They are very soft and roomy in the toe and instep, suitable for average feet in terms of instep width and height.

The Vivobarefoot Geo Court III W Natural is a minimalist all-leather sneaker. The 4mm outsole provides a full experience with every step. The sneakers are roomy and anatomically shaped at the toe box to fit the fan-shaped foot and dominant big toe without feeling bulky. The soft padding around the ankle makes them extremely comfortable, even if they are a little standing out. We also recommend them for those with a high instep.

 ZAQQ, Vivobarefoot

Peerko & Angles

The Peerko Celebrate Night shoes are very stylish and minimal, thanks to the material and laces. They shimmer and sparkle at parties and in the city. You can swap the waxed cotton laces for naturally shiny, thick satin laces to make the shoes even more extravagant. The flexible sole will keep you comfortable and fits average feet without a narrow ankle.

Angles Dionysus Cognac are elegant semi-formal walking shoes. The roomy, anatomically shaped toe box will keep your feet comfortable. They have plenty of room for a dominant big toe, fit average to wider feet, and have plenty of room in the instep and around the ankle. In the heel, they are slightly higher than the Peerko.

Peerko, Angles

On foot

Watch the video to see how the shoes fit the foot:

Now it's up to you. Filter and choose the shoes that will be the right ones for your spring outdoor adventures. We are here for you on the customer line, chat and IG.