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Children's functional clothing from the brand PROGRESS Sportswear. Functional T-shirt with long sleeves and functional leggings represent underwear for girls and boys, which will provide them with comfort during spring jogging, summer sleeping in a tent, autumn trip to nature or winter skiing. Thermal insulation is ensured by a functional sports sweatshirt and protection against external influences by a softshell jacket. Add comfortable barefoot shoes to functional clothing and your children are ready for the next adventure! And in the summer by the water, they will certainly appreciate not only Slipstop shoes, but also their stylish swimwear.

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How to dress properly?

Functional clothes are suitable for layering. The lower transport layer in the form of a functional T-shirt and leggings effectively wicks sweat away from the body to the outside, from where it evaporates to the surroundings or passes to the next layer, thus keeping the body dry. For optimal functioning, such functional clothing should fit tightly to the body.

In colder environments, we also need to add an insulating layer in the form of a functional sweatshirt. This helps wick moisture away from the body as well as keeping body heat inside. In general, it is more appropriate to dress in such a way that it is slightly cooler before the start of a sporting activity, because after warming up with movement, excessive sweating does not occur.

As an outer protective layer, the softshell jacket is a shield against the elements. On the one hand, it must prevent moisture, cold and wind from penetrating inside, but at the same time it needs to remove excess heat and sweat to the outside to prevent evaporation. Jackets are made from special materials ensuring these properties and resistance to mechanical damage.

If you are going on a longer trip, it is also a good idea to pack spare functional clothes, as well as socks shoes for changing into dry clothes. You won't add too much weight to your backpack, but it can help to protect your health.