Which school backpack for a child?

School backpacks Frii of Norway

From the reviews or descriptions, you will learn how Frii of Norway school bags have an ergonomic carrying system (developed in collaboration with chiropractors) that makes them perfect for the children's back. You can adjust the straps, not only at the shoulder but also at the chest or pelvic area. Reflective elements ensure children's safety in poor visibility. The backpack itself can be protected from possible rain by an available raincoat.

At first glance, almost everyone is pleased with the stylish design and low weight. You will be impressed with the easy magnet fastening, the inner padded divider that divides the main compartment into two compartments and a few more pockets, or the side pocket for drinks. The bags are perfectly equipped and constructed.

Of course, you won’t find out from such reviews if the chosen school bag will fit your child, and that’s why we decided to take photos of girls of 120, 130, and 140 cm wearing Frii of Norway backpacks.

First class backpacks

Comparison of backpack sizes

22l school bag (1st-3rd grade)

Let’s try the smaller of the two sizes first. The backpack has a capacity of 22 liters, weighs 840g, and has dimensions of 29 x 42 x 17 cm:

22l backpack
In the left half, we can see a 22l backpack on a first-grade girl with a height of 120 cm and a weight of 26 kg. In the right half, we contrast this with a matching bag on the back of a future third grader who is 130 cm tall and weighs 30 kg. You can see for yourself that the 22l will serve and suit your child perfectly from first to third grade.

30l school bag (4th-7th grade)

Now we will show two colors of the larger version. The bag has a capacity of 30 liters, weighs 980 g, and measures 31 x 46 x 18 cm:

30l backpack

As with the previous comparison, we see a 10 cm difference in height. While on the left, an eight-year-old schoolgirl with a height of 130 cm and weight of 30 kg carries a 30l school bag, on the right, we have an almost ten-year-old with a similar bag, measuring 140 cm and weighing 32 kg. Even for the older girl, there is still a sufficient margin for a comfortable fit in the coming years from fourth to at least seventh grade, so we can safely recommend the backpack.

22l or 30l school bag?

Well? Do you know which of the two bags to buy for your child? For comparison, here’s a photo of both backpack sizes on one person:

22l and 30l backpack

The Brand Frii of Norway offers school bags and pencil cases in stylish motives, and you can purchase matching sets. So get both early at the start of the school year before they get sold out by others.