Additional size number

Additional size number is an extra space in a shoe - the difference between the shoe length (or width) and the foot itself. Sufficient over-dimension gives the foot room to function correctly. Extra space of about 4-5 mm should be present in every…

All season shoes

We refer to boots that are closed and not perforated as all season boots. They are versatile and wearable all year long. But they're not designed for extreme conditions - frost or hot weather. They are most useful in the warm days of winter and in…

Anatomically shaped toe box

An anatomically shaped toe box is a toe area of a shoe that respects the natural foot shape. It is broad enough, and the longest point in the shoe is at the big toe and second toe, not in the centre of the middle toe as in most regular shoes, which…

Ballerina flats

Ballerina flats or Ballet flats are women's shoes suitable for the city, the countryside, and special occasions. Ballerina flats are the kind of shoes you can slip on and off without fastening.


Caoutchouc or Natural rubber is a flexible rubber material of natural or synthetic origin.

Compromise shoes

Shoes that do not meet some barefoot parameters (lower sole flexibility, slight heel elevation or less-than-ideal toe shape) are considered compromised. In comparison with ready-to-wear shoes, they are still closer to barefoot shoes.

Dominant big toe

The big toe is said to be dominant if it is significantly longer than other toes. Feet with a dominant toe need an ideally shaped toe box that respects the shape of the foot and does not push the big toe towards the centre of the shoe.

Fan-shaped foot

The term fin-shaped or fan-shaped foot is a foot with a wide toe area but a narrow heel. For such feet, shoes with sufficient toe room and the possibility of tightening around the heel/ankle are needed.

Flexible sole

The flexible sole flexes easily in all directions, allowing the foot to be active while walking.

Foot arch

The foot arch provides flexibility and protects the soft tissues of the foot. It is divided into the transverse arch (between the heads of the first to fifth metatarsal bones) and the longitudinal arch (connecting the previous two points with the…

Hallux Valgus

Hallux valgus is a toe deformity in which the toe is turned inwards by more than 15°. It can also be referred to as a valgus toe, similar to an inwardly turned little toe on the opposite side.

Home shoes

Home shoes are children's indoor shoes suitable for school, nursery, and home. They are not designed for outdoor use.


The insole is an insert in the shoe, sometimes, it is a part of the shoe, and other times it is glued or removable. Its function is to increase comfort, flatten minor irregularities from the shoe construction, insulate the shoe, and wick sweat away…


The principle of the membrane is to wick away moisture in the form of steam out of the shoe but not to let water in. The membrane increases the water resistance of the shoe and maintains the breathability needed to wick away sweat. However, shoes…


Nubuck is similar to suede (velour). It is top-grain leather that has been sanded on the grain side, producing a velvet-like surface.


Proprioception is the ability of the nervous system to detect changes occurring in the muscles and inside the body through movement and muscle activity. Proprioception is necessary for correct movement coordination, registering changes in the body…

Reinforced heel counter

The reinforced place in the shoe behind the heel is called the heel counter. Its purpose is to keep the foot in the correct position. Barefoot shoes don't normally have a reinforced heel counter so that the ankle can fully work, strengthen, and hold…


Rubber is an elastic material obtained by vulcanization of natural or synthetic rubber (caoutchouc) - a chemical treatment for increased elasticity.


Sandals are lightweight open shoes suitable for summer, the city, and the outdoors according to the specific type.

Shoemaker's leather

Shoemaker’s leather is already processed animal hide.

Slip-on shoes

Slip-on shoes are designed to be easily slipped on without laces or buckles. A typical example is women's ballet flats.


Slippers have no fixed heel. They can be used outdoors as water or garden shoes and indoors as shower shoes, but they are not suitable for long trips or all-day walking.


Sneakers are versatile shoes for kids and adults. Canvas, mesh, leather, sporty, sporty-elegant, modern or retro, you can wear these trainers in the city or outdoors.

Sock shoes

Sock shoes look more like socks and are similarly flexible. However, they provide foot protection at shoe level. Sock shoes can be used as a spare pair when travelling, in the water or even in the office.

Soft soles

Soft soles or Pre-walking booties are "shoes" without rubber soles, usually made entirely of leather or textile. They are as flexible as possible and do not restrict the child's movement. We recommend them for crawling children, beginners who combine…