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Get to know the measuring device  Plus12

Plus12 measuring device is specific in that it can be easily inserted inside the shoe to measure the inside length accurately. You can also use it to measure your foot, although a stop is an easier and more accurate measurement.

We use the device at Footic specifically to indicate the inside length of the shoe, making it easier to choose the correct size, as the shoe size varies across manufacturers and is therefore unreliable.

The Plus12 also gives the length of the foot already with 12 mm extra space, i.e. the ideal internal shoe dimension.

Why to get measuring device Plus12?

  • It's easy to check at home if you have the right shoe size.
  • Easy to use and long lasting, almost indestructible tool.

References from customers

"When I buy shoes, I look at the size chart, but then maybe the shoes sell out and I don't remember the measurements. So I got a measuring device, and when I'm hesitant if the shoes are big enough, I measure."

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