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Men's slip on barefoot shoes without fastening. Slip on shoes for men from size 37 in stock.

What does slip on mean?

The term slip-on means in English slip-on, most often a shoe or garment. It is a closed sneaker that you can easily slip into and use without dealing with laces, Velcro or other fastenings.

Other names for slip on shoes

Slip ons generally include several types of shoes that you may know more by another name, for example:

  • ballet flats - women's slip on pumps without heel
  • moccasins - flat Indian leather shoes
  • espadrilles - canvas summer shoes (canvas shoes)
  • sailor shoes (boat shoes, deck shoes) - canvas shoes with rubber soles to prevent boatmen from slipping on the wet deck

The question may arise whether slip on shoes also include slip on shoes. While the name would fit, the designation belongs to sandals with buckles, which as open shoes are not slip ons.

Slip on barefoot shoes

Many common slip on shoes meet the first barefoot parameter, a flat sole (no heel or raised toe) that allows for proper weight distribution. Other advantages of barefoot versions of slip on shoes include:

  • wide toe giving freedom to the fingers
  • low sole bringing the foot closer to the impulses of the surface
  • overall flexibility respecting the natural need for gradual unwinding of the foot
  • low weight pleasantly lightening the step

How to choose slip on shoes

You can easily get the right slip on shoes online with just a few simple steps:

  • measure the foot, length and width
  • add 5-7 mm oversize to allow enough room for fingers
  • add the leg length with the oversize and filter the fitting size
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