Hiking shoes – barefoot shoes for kids


Kids outdoor barefoot shoes with non-slip sole. Hiking shoes suitable for short and longer trips. Trekking shoes up to size 36 in stock.

What are outdoor shoes?

Outdoor shoes differ from regular sneakers in that:

  • they have a more durable sole that you can't just step on
  • their soles have a more rugged pattern that better prevents slipping
  • better toe protection, extending the life of the shoe and keeping toes safe
  • they are structurally and functionally designed for extended movement in rough terrain

How to choose outdoor shoes for kids?

If you are going on a trip with children, we recommend:

Barefoot shoes for hiking

If you are hesitant about whether barefoot shoes are suitable as outdoor footwear for hiking, you may be convinced:

  • thanks to the spacious toe, they do not squeeze the fingers, but on the contrary allow their active work
  • flexible sole in all directions allows the foot to respond better to uneven terrain
  • the flat sole evenly distributes the balance over the entire foot, improving stability
  • low weight does not tire the feet like lifting heavy boots
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