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Czech manufacturer, which primarily deals with the production of children's barefoot shoes, but you can also find in their offer models for adults. A wide range of shoes for wide feet are produced in the production near Brno. Beda barefoot models have a toe that respects the natural shape of the foot and gives the toes freedom of movement. Overall, the shoes are very light, flexible and thanks to their excellent proportions they are one of the most popular barefoot shoes in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Why to choose BEDA?

  • Affordable shoes, made in the Czech Republic.
  • Popular thanks to the great fit for wider feet, 100% barefoot parameters, one of the most spacious shoes on the market, suitable for high heels and chubby feet.
  • Varied range of shoes - first boots, slippers, sandals, breathable sneakers, high top boots with membrane, winter shoes. They suit children's feet for any occasion.
  • Shoes are available in 2 widths - if the name says "/2" it is a model with a narrower cut at the ankle, the others have a standard cut. The house slippers have 3 cuts - the classic roomier BF 060010/W, the slim (tapered) version 060010/W/02, the new model has an improved toe shape and is narrower in the heel and ankle area BFN-170020/W.
  • For children with a need for stronger shoes in the heel, models with reinforced heel counter are also available - OP.

BEDA abbreviations

Wondering about the meaning of the abbreviations in BEDA model names? We have compiled an overview of their breakdown for you:

The cut of the shoe

  • Slippers 02/SLIM = narrower in the toe section
  • Shoes /2 = narrower cut in the heel and ankle area, the toe part is identical
  • OP = reinforced sole
  • O = toe cap
  • N = low cut
  • V = higher cut

Shoe type

  • BA = ballerinas (textile)
  • BA/K = ballerinas (leather)
  • SD = sandals


  • W = Velcro model
  • 1W = one Velcro
  • 1WE = elastic laces + one Velcro
  • Y = model with 3 Velcro fasteners


  • M = model with membrane
  • MK (or VMK) = membrane + fur
  • TEX = textile
  • SO = smooth leather + toe cap
  • NUB = nubuck + toe cap
  • TS = leather with motif or glitter leather
  • SOFT = softshell
  • VGN = knitted fabric
  • NP = neoprene
  • SK = combination of mesh and another material (leather or synthetic)
  • ST = mesh
  • KK = leather + leather
  • PR2 = two stripes (reflective elements) applied on the side of the shoe
  • NL = no natural leather is used on the shoe
  • PF = perforation

References from customers

"It's a great shoe for a really wide foot and high instep. My son didn't wear any other boots until the Beda 3 velcro winter boots, they are beautifully roomy for his high ankle. I've never had to put an insulated insole in his boots yet, the boot is sufficiently insulated on the sides."

"Beda house slippers look like classic house slippers, but they are super soft and wide, so unlike most kids in kindergarten, our princess doesn't have to squeeze. She chose pink and glitter, plus a ballerina-like cut, so she's thrilled."

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