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What are the key parameters of a barefoot shoe?

  • Anatomically shaped toe box - the toe box is wide enough, so it doesn't squeeze your toes together. There is enough space for proper development of naturally wide foot which provides you with proper stability and influences your gait.

  • Zero drop - a barefoot shoe has a flat outsole and insole. Again this supports the correct posture and gait. Extra cushioning under the heel changes your balance, angles of your gait and effects the functionality of your body movement.

  • Flexible shoe outsole - soft and in all directions flexible outsole enables the foot and toes to work properly. Also, a thin outsole simulates the feeling like walking barefoot which stimulates the foot sole, its nerves supply and supports proper blood circulation and thermoregulation. 

Why are barefoot shoes so wide?

  • Because a human foot is naturally wide - to provide your body with proper stability. And standard shoes eliminate this feet function and your body is obliged to use some other, unnatural stabilization mechanism, which can for example lead to backpain or some other troubles. 
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