To ensure comfort when walking, you need not only quality shoes, but also socks or tights. We have hundreds of these in our assortment with a variety of motifs. We cover sizes for children and adults.

Types of socks

Socks according to their function and design are divided into:

  • Classic socks - standard sock design
  • Barefoot socks - unlike ordinary socks, they have a special knit in the toe that reflects the need for sufficient toe space
  • Sports socks - adapted by material and technical parameters to keep on the foot, but at the same time move sweat away from the body
  • Anti-slip socks - fitted with rubber elements underneath to prevent the foot from slipping
  • Winter socks - material or thickness design warmer socks for cold winter months

Socks as transport cheapeners

Are you buying barefoot shoes and don't reach the free shipping limit? By adding selected Footic socks to your purchase, you will automatically receive free shipping on your entire order in addition to barefoot socks, regardless of the value of your purchase. You can find the specific socks discounting shipping in this way in your cart, or they are labeled "free shipping" on the product tab.

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children's low shoes
low shoes Verti black
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white low socks
low shoes Verti white
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black low socks
sports socks
sports socks 41432/35
compression socks
Voxx Fixan socks white
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low socks
low socks
sports socks
sports socks
sports socks
sports socks
sports socks
low socks Voxx Kato white
In stock (10 pc)
sports socks
low socks 41443/35
Nopkana mix B 41467/35
sports socks
sports socks 41405/35
socks 41402/35
socks with silver
Voxx Gastl socks black
In stock (8 pc)
dark blue high socks 41381/35
Debox mix C 41393/39
barefoot socks 40467/20-
barefoot socks 2
barefoot socks 40242/35
Barefoot double pack socks 40239/35
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Peace of mind and warm feet

Socks or tights are a common part of the outfit, but next to barefoot shoes, we shouldn't forget their importance. Small socks can squeeze your toes, and large socks get in the way of your shoes, so it is necessary to find the right size. Similarly, with tights, a possible crotch at the knees restricts natural movement.

We can help you choose the right socks online via our Facebook and Instagram profiles. The key is always to accurately measure the length and width of your foot, which will tell you what size of socks to buy. And if you add a pair of waterproof yet breathable socks to your basket, you'll appreciate their features when you're out and about.

When your feet are dry and warm, gaiters keep the rest of your legs perfectly warm in winter. They fit over your shoes and prevent snow from getting inside. On the Footic website, you'll find all accessories in stock, and we manage fast delivery! Don't forget your hands in the winter wardrobe. Functional gloves will keep you warm.