Winter boots – barefoot shoes for men


Men's barefoot boots designed for cold or freezing environments. Dozens of pairs of men's winter barefoot boots with fast delivery and the option to return any shoes that don't fit within three weeks of receipt.

Types of winter boots

Men's winter boots include:

  • Insulated high top shoes as multi-purpose footwear for most of the autumn or winter time
  • Snowshoes, protecting the foot even during prolonged movement in high snow
  • Insulated low top shoes, which, on the other hand, are not recommended for snow

Characteristics of winter barefoot shoes

Unlike conventional winter boots, barefoot footwear is characterized by:

  • a wide toe in which the fingers can move more easily, and thus circulate and warm up
  • a lower, flat and flexible sole that shifts the centre of gravity closer to the ground and allows the foot more flexibility to compensate for any slipping

Are barefoot shoes suitable for winter?

A low sole can cause panic if the foot will be more cold from the surface in winter. The arguments for wearing barefoot shoes in winter are as follows:

  • in barefoot shoes the toes work more actively, which provides more blood circulation (and therefore warms up) the foot
  • most winter barefoot shoes are insulated and the fur gives the foot the necessary warmth and comfort
  • if you feel cold, you can always buy thermal inserts for your barefoot shoes to add an extra layer between your foot and the ground
  • if you stand motionless in the cold for long hours, you will catch a cold in any shoes, in barefoot ones at least you can intersperse standing with exercising your toes

You can also keep your feet warm by taking proper care of your footwear, which will increase the resistance of your shoes to external conditions, and warmer socks can also help.

How to choose men's winter boots?

Buy your winter boots online and save yourself the pre-Christmas queues in the shops.

  1. Measure your foot so you know your foot size
  2. Add to the figure an oversize of 7-10 mm, you need to calculate with more space in the shoe not only for the toes, but also because of the possible reduction of space by thick socks
  3. Enter the desired inner shoe length in the filters that will show you the available models
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Are barefoot shoes suitable for winter?

We have been selecting the best winter shoes for the natural development of men's feet for 10 years. On the Footic website, you will find winter shoes for men of all ages. We also wear barefoot winter shoes to maintain good movement habits throughout the winter. Read more about how winter and barefoot go together.

E-shop Footic allows you to easily filter winter shoes by size, type, colour, manufacturer and many other parameters. We will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right shoes on our customer service line - you can contact us via chat, e-mail, phone, Facebook or Instagram. The key is always to measure the length and width of the foot accurately.

You can also search for men's winter shoes by the manufacturer. The most popular brands of winter barefoot shoes for men include Leguano or ZAQQ. We stock all men's winter shoes and guarantee fast delivery with a return policy of up to three weeks.