Rain boots – barefoot shoes for women


Women's barefoot rain boots for wet or mud with the option to return any shoes that don't fit within three weeks of receipt.

Usage of women's barefoot rain boots

Women's barefoot rain boots can be used especially for:

The rubber boots are designed for short-term wear due to their loose construction. For a day trip we recommend rather high top shoes.

Benefits of barefoot rain boots

Compared to conventional rubber boots, barefoot rain boots offer the following advantages:

  • soft materials, guaranteeing overall flexibility, i.e. better movement technique
  • wide tip in which the fingers can spread and work
  • flat sole that does not shift the centre of gravity out of the optimal position

Barefoot rain boots, however, cannot be described as 100% barefoot boots because they usually have a higher sole than the rest of barefoot footwear.

How to choose women's barefoot rain boots?

You can buy barefoot rain boots online and try them on in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Measure your foot to know the exact length of your foot
  2. Add 7-10 mm oversize to the length to give the foot enough room for the toes in the shoe
  3. The sum gives the desired inner length of the shoe, through which you can easily filter suitable rubber boots
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Bundgaard Cirro high warm Red AD zateplené holinky (EU size 37, Inner shoe length 253, Inner shoe width 90)
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Shoes for rainy and muddy weather

We have been selecting the best wellies for the natural development of women's feet for 10 years. On the Footic website, you will find wellies for women of all ages. We also wear barefoot rain boots ourselves so that in bad weather, we can go out in shoes that give our feet enough space. Read our recommendations for suitable shoes for rainy and muddy weather.

E-shop Footic allows you to easily filter wellies by size, type, colour, manufacturer and many other parameters. We will be happy to advise you on how to choose the right shoes on our customer service line - you can contact us via chat, e-mail, phone, Facebook or Instagram. The key is always to measure the length and width of the foot accurately.

You can also search for women's rain boots by the manufacturer. The most popular brands of barefoot wellies for women include Viking and Xero Shoes. We stock all women's rain boots and guarantee fast delivery with a return policy of up to three weeks.