How Fast Do Children’s Feet Grow?

The speed at which children grow up defies the laws of time.

However, their development raises several questions about the choice of appropriate footwear. How fast do feet grow? How to choose the correct size or an additional size number? How often to check if the shoe is pinching the foot?

Maybe you’re getting confused by all the questions. But don’t despair because the answers are simple, and understanding the growth can help you with correct sizing.

How fast do feet grow?

Of course, each foot grows at a different speed and often with a sudden jump. On average, we can say that younger children’s feet grow by 15-18 mm per year and older children's feet by 8-12 mm per year. If we convert it into numbers - toddlers rotate through about three shoe sizes per year, preschoolers two sizes, and school children one to two per year.


How frequently to check the shoe size?

Children do not have solidified bones, so wearing tight shoes could lead to foot deformation. But don’t wait for their feedback because they may not even know that the shoe is pinching them.

It is better to check and measure the foot size regularly, every month for toddlers, every second month for preschoolers, every third month for younger schoolchildren, every fourth or fifth month for older schoolchildren, and at least every sixth month for teenagers. Pay attention not only to the length but also to the width of the shoes, especially in the toe area.

Suitable addition size number?

The minimum additional size number in each shoe should be 4-5 millimetres to allow the step to unwind correctly. Therefore, once the child outgrows this limit, it is time to get a larger size. It applies to adults as well.

What is the suitable extra room when buying new shoes? Around 5-9 millimetres for the first shoes, so babies don’t trip over. Slightly more experienced walkers can manage 10-12 millimetres of extra space after a couple of months. For sandals and ballet flats, we recommend 10 millimetres, and for winter boots, you can go up to 15 millimetres to have enough room for thick socks.

How to choose the right size?

Sticking your index finger into the shoes or squeezing the big toe will not test the fit because the child may bend their toes when trying them on. Better follow the detailed instruction on how to measure the foot size or visit our store, where trained staff will professionally measure your child's feet. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.