Barefoot Shoes for Vegans

Every shoe has a story to tell. Vegan shoes have one of the most powerful stories worth remembering. The plot is an epic battle of "good versus evil" woven into the very core of human civilisation.

Conscious approach versus blind ignorance

Closing our eyes to problems, sticking our heads in the sand, not worrying and caring. To a greater or lesser extent, perhaps all of us are taking this route. We can barely manage our own lives because we have no time, no appetite or no capacity to deal with global problems, to explore the interdependence of the world.

We take comfort in the fact that we're not concerned, that "one little ant" won't make much difference anyway. We resign ourselves in advance to any effort. But with such an attitude, the overall situation will gradually deteriorate until the cup of tolerance overflows.

Not just for humanity in general, it applies in many small ways to every one of us. For example, you might ask yourself why you care about vegan barefoot shoes. You might buy barefoot shoes for your kids, but you'll do yourself a favour with cheaper or, from your point of view, more stylish shoes. You stop listening to your body, which suffers in tight, heeled shoes, and this ignorance will eventually catch up with you in the form of musculoskeletal pain.

Conscious people perceive the broader context of the interconnectedness of our world and are aware of the consequences of individual actions. They do not let transient aspects such as fashion, possessions, the opinions of others, etc., influence their behaviour. They have learned to listen to their inner self and express their deepest essence through the minutiae of everyday life.

Vegan apples

This approach, by the way, motivated the creation of the Barefoot Academy section on our blog. We wanted to introduce readers to the basic principles of how their body works and how its parts are connected so that they can better perceive the signals it sends them at every moment.

Responsibility versus recklessness

Most vegans are driven by a moral imperative, demanding more responsible behaviour. Not only do they apply this to themselves, but they also expect it from those around them. They are not concerned with putting a "vegan boots" sticker on a product but rather with a hidden message. It is about whether all those involved in the supply chain are adhering to the required principles.

It is not just about not using animals but about having a responsible attitude towards all animate beings, including humans. To ensure that even the smallest insect is not harmed and that the last worker in the factory is decently paid and treated. At the same time, they support local production to minimise the environmental impact of transporting goods.

Farmer tomatoes

Vegans realise their consumer power, with manufacturers primarily supplying the market with what people buy. And so they set an example, preferring to put barefoot shoes made in traditional European workshops in their basket. They may cost more than shoes from China, but the money invested is much more likely to end up where it should.

Of course, all shoppers would want the lowest possible price or the highest discount, but this inconsiderate pressure to cut costs results in a loss of quality, the undervaluation of manufacturers, the relocation of factories to Asia, and the collapse of traditional local craftsmanship. Vegans are ready to invest in their health, not only in the form of natural footwear for their feet, but also to ensure the good of everyone else, from animals to employees.

Love versus hate

At their core, vegans seek to spread love into the world, expressed through kindness and non-violence towards all beings. For many people, however, vegans are too aggressive in communicating their attitude to life and diet, for which they sometimes receive a wave of criticism. Similarly, countless e-shops are easily annoyed by their perpetual questions about product ingredients, as if they had to crunch shoes for breakfast.

Vegan vegetables

Many of our suppliers and we understand vegans and meet them with clear labelling on vegan footwear. So if you're unsure about where to buy vegan shoes, tick the vegan box in the "other parameters" filter on the product listings for each category.

We consider friendliness towards others to be one of the fundamental pillars of our communication with customers, suppliers, competitors, and within the company. At the same time, we respect the right of others to choose freely, whatever path they choose.

This article is not an attempt to convince you to go vegan. We understand that for some people this is not an option, and that is fine. Instead, we wanted to express our gratitude and support for those who are already vegan: "Dear vegans, we are grateful that you are here and that you are helping us to move society forward. You are always welcome here at Footic!"