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Get to know the brand Poco Nido

In 2011, Catherine Lobey, a British shoe designer and mother of two, came up with the idea of making an alternative to leatherinfant shoes. The result was a pair of cotton infant shoes with suede soles, and later a vegan version. Inspiration comes from foreign travel, bedtime stories, a love of patterns and symmetry, and upcycled products. The result are simple and functional shoes made organically from 100% cotton and suede or its non-animal alternatives.

Why to choose Poco Nido?

  • Textile infant shoes are more breathable than leather, recommended for children with sweaty feet.
  • Colourful, more extravagant designs.
  • Nice box, also suitable as a gift.

References from customers

"They fit very nicely on the foot - they don't shake, they don't twist and the design is very interesting."