Make Your Own Sensorimotor Rug

No one wants to step on a LEGO and puncture their heel with it, but we’d certainly benefit from training our feet at home on more rugged terrain than the regular floor offers.

The feet contain several nerve endings that need to be stimulated regularly. Barefoot walking on a natural surface is best, of course, but when and where can we safely dare to do this? Plus, we spend so much time at home. Is there a way to get nature inside?

These were the thoughts of Victor, the founder of RootyRUG sensorimotor carpets, as he tried to create an environment for his four-year-old son with a bunion in which his foot would regularly exercise and strengthen.

Before he came up with the beautiful sensorimotor carpets, his first solutions were simple and easy to implement. That’s why we want to share them with you. If you want to practice barefoot walking at home while understanding the importance of improving overall body stability and foot functionality, make your sensorimotor mat. Don't worry because creating a sensorimotor rug is easy.


Instructions for making a sensorimotor carpet

  1. Take an old carpet, mat, board, or another stable surface of the desired size that will serve as a base.
  2. Collect materials in nature (but also among discarded items) that will represent unevenness. For example, pine cones, sawdust, thick twigs, round stones, ropes, shells, pins, beads, dish sponges, wooden spoons, curtain rings, and much more because inspiration is endless!
  3. Take a good-quality adhesive, preferably a hot glue gun, and glue the items to your chosen base. If you want to get creative with the whole piece, you can also try making an eye-catching graphic design out of the materials.
  4. After drying out, place the finished sensorimotor carpet on the chosen spot and enjoy barefoot walking on an uneven surface. If some pieces come off with use, nobody will stop you from glueing them back on.

One final tip: Invite the whole family to create the rug, and you will have a lot of fun coming up with the overall concept together.