Mud shoes

It’s wet outside, but would you like to go with your children into the garden, to the playground, for a walk in the woods, or anywhere else where they can have fun? For safe jumping in muddy puddles, we recommend wearing wellingtons.


Wellies are practical. When they get dirty, they are easy to wash. Due to their height and rubber material, they are waterproof. For small children, choose low rain boots because they won't make the walk harder, and for bigger children, choose higher ones to protect their feet as much as possible.


Barefoot Wellies

How are barefoot boots different from regular ones? They have a flat sole and no raised heel or toe box, which can shift the child’s centre of gravity out of the optimal position and weaken the foot arch function. They also have an anatomically shaped toe box, which respects the natural foot shape and gives the toes plenty of room for active engagement.

The fundamental difference lies in flexibility. Barefoot rubber boots are significantly softer than regular boots, which allows correct step unwinding and better perception and adaptation to rugged terrain. Overall they are lightweight, which makes them perfect for children because they hardly feel them on their feet.


Colourful wellies

Wellies are no longer just black rain boots! Thanks to a wide range of playful designs, even the most demanding children will find their favourite ones. At the same time, we also offer insulated boots with tightening around the calf, in which you don’t have to worry about letting your children have fun in the snow.

So don’t let the weather limit you, order some wellies and head out with the kids!