Children's Spring Shoes of 2023

Are you looking forward to the warm spring weather? Let's take a look at the new spring styles and the time-proven styles that have been around for several seasons! To make your choice easier, we compared the 16 most popular brands of children's barefoot shoes, their shapes, proportions and widths. We include photos and as detailed and objective descriptions as possible to help you make the right choice.

Start by measuring your feet. Even the same manufacturer may have all season boots that are not the same size as winter boots. And simply buying a bigger size is not always the best solution. Have a look at the video guide and detailed description of how to measure your feet correctly. You will also learn how much extra length or width you should choose.

Then make your choice. Filter the length and width you need, and read the detailed comparisons.

Sole shape

The sole shape usually follows the shape of the inside of the shoe and should therefore reflect the shape of the foot. Whether by toe space, bevel degree, heel tapering, etc. Look at the sole and choose shoes that are adequately shaped so that there is neither too much nor too little space. The biggest pitfall with most ready-wear shoes is the lack of toe box room, but even barefoot shoes are different in shape.

Barefoot soles
We photographed the shoe in size 31 on a 192 x 72 mm foot with an average instep and a regular heel.

Children feet, size 31

Fare & Baby Bare

Fare shoes are the widest at the toe but quite narrow at the heel. They are suitable for fan/fin-shaped feet. The sneakers have a flexible sole and a not-so-high instep, so they are appropriate for a lower/average instep. They can be tightened to fit a narrower ankle, so we recommend them for a dominant big toe but a narrower heel. We have compared the A range. Another variation is the B range, which has a slightly tapered toe box and a raised toe and instep, but the difference is not significant. All other parameters are the same, with only minor differences in length.

Baby Bare Febo Go shoes are designed for a fin-shaped foot. They are a few millimetres shorter at the toe but comparable at the heel. The difference is in the height of the instep. They have more room above the toes and closer to the shin, are spacious at the toe, and are also suitable for feet with a dominant big toe. The shoes are ideal for a narrow ankle. A big plus is the toe cap, which protects the shoe from getting scuffed.

 Fare, Baby Bare spring shoes

Protetika & Jonap

Protetika Kimberly Pink shoes are a spring novelty. They have an anatomically shaped toe box, not recommended for a strongly dominant big toe, and the toe part is lightly curled. Compared to the original models, they fit better on a narrower heel, can be tightened around the ankle, and are roomier in the toe to better suit a fan-shaped foot. The sole is upgraded and flexible in all directions. Due to the multiple layers of leather, they are slightly firmer in the heel.

Jonas Nella sneakers are suitable for children with wider feet but a more bevelled foot shape. The toe side is slightly curved, so we would not recommend this brand for a strongly dominant big toe. Velcro closures provide a tight fit around the instep and ankle. The heel is firm, and the sole is soft and flexible in all directions.

Protetika, Jonap spring 2023

Be Lenka & Froddo

With plenty of room above the toes, Be Lenka shoes are perfect for the dominant big toe and fin-shaped foot. They fit the average foot with a slightly higher instep and can be zip-fastened all the way down to the floor to fit the narrow heel, but the Velcro fasteners can be trimmed. They feel very wide, but this is a little deceptive as they are comparable to other slightly wider styles but not the widest. They do not have a raised heel.

Froddo shoes fit average feet with a medium to low instep. It's a happy medium that is versatile. Although they look wide in the midsole and heel, they fit very well on narrower feet. They are anatomically shaped to accommodate the dominant big toe. Some styles have laces, which are ideal for tightening, but the Velcro option will also adjust to a slender ankle. Not recommended for chubby feet as they are low on the instep. The sole is very flexible, and the rubber toe cap makes them feel a little firmer to the touch, but they are still very flexible in all directions. The heel is not reinforced. The model compared has a new sole with a more pronounced pattern than the original sole. At the same time, it is slightly more flexible and feels more outdoorsy.

Be Lenka, Froddo spring sneakers

D.D.Step & Beda

D.D.Step shoes are flexible and the softest of the sneakers compared. They are not very wide at the toe, rather average, and because the toe curls slightly, we do not recommend them for the dominant big toe. The heel is reinforced. The shoe is quite narrow at the heel but broad around the instep - not only in height but also in width. The area around the Velcro straps is quite roomy, so they don't tighten ideally on a narrow foot. Recommended for children with a high instep and generally chubby feet that don't have fan-shaped toes.

Beda sneakers have a straighter toe shape, so they are ideal for the dominant big toe and toes in one plane, the toe box is not bevelled. They are designed to fit an average ankle and the lower models can be adjusted to a narrower ankle. We don't recommend them if your child has a high instep, where high-top sneakers are more appropriate. They are also available in brushed leather or with a sturdier heel marked OP. We have also compared the newer, sportier spring design towards the end of the article.

D.D.Step, Beda spring boots

Lurchi & Tikki

Lurchi shoes have an optimal toe shape even for a dominant big toe and narrower heel, so they are suitable for a generally skinny foot and ankle. They have a more bevelled toe shape and a flexible sole. They are only slightly firmer in the heel due to reinforced leather layers. They are well-padded around the ankle for maximum comfort.

Tikki shoes are suitable for feet with narrower heels and ankles. They have an optimal toe box shape for the dominant big toe. The sole is 3mm, very flexible, with a soft non-slip pattern. They are fastened with a velcro strap, so the rubber laces are for decorative purposes only. The heel is not reinforced and also pleasantly soft.

Lurchi, Tikki spring models

Koel4Kids & Camper

Koel4Kids is a model with a cork sole. It is designed for slender feet with narrower ankles. The shoes also have an anatomically shaped toe box which is perfect for the dominant big toe. They have 2 Velcro closures to ensure a good fit on the instep and around the ankle. The practical rubber toe cap protects the shoe from scuffing.

Camper shoes are stylish, with a beautiful traditional design, but their lack of lacing makes them impractical. The laces are more decorative than functional. They have a lovely toe box shape and a slightly softer insole, so they're perfect for city kids or someone who doesn't want a thin sole. They also have a firmer heel than most other barefoot styles.

Koel4Kids, Camper spring boots

Koel & Affenzahn

Koel4Kids Domy sneakers are made of leather and have a very flexible sole. The toe is ideally shaped for a dominant big toe and fan-shaped toes. The shoes are constructed from brushed leather with a print and have a practical toe cap. They are not recommended for those with a very high instep but for those with an average/low one. The Velcro strap helps you to adjust the shoe around the ankle.

Affenzahn leather shoes are sporty and elegant, sophisticated in detail. They have an anatomically shaped toe, also suitable for the dominant big toe. The sneakers fit the average to narrower foot and slightly higher instep. We don't recommend them for very slender ankles and heels. The sole does taper quite significantly in the heel, but the upper is not so narrow in this area. They are wonderfully flexible and soft even behind the heel. The toe is made of brushed leather, protecting the shoe from being scuffed, and the rest of the shoe is from smooth leather, which is more practical to maintain.

Koel, Affenzahn spring sneakers

Ef barefoot & Beda

Ef shoes have a very nicely shaped toe box, it's not an extreme fin, but it won't crush the dominant big toe either. You can adjust them to a narrower ankle. The heel is firmer than most barefoot shoes. They are higher on the instep and suitable for average or slightly chubby feet. They offer a similar level of flexibility as Fare or Beda but have a little firmer heel.

Beda Marcus (BF 0001/W/N/PR2) is a spring novelty from Beda with reflective elements and playful, bold colours. The shoes are made of brushed leather, and as mentioned, the low model is ideal for a dominant big toe and toes in one plane, the toe box is not bevelled. They're designed to fit a medium ankle, and the low models can be tightened to a slimmer ankle. We don't recommend them for people with a high instep, for whom an ankle cut is more appropriate. We also have a raised-heel version of this style.

Ef, Beda spring shoes

Now it's up to you. Filter and choose the shoes that will be the right ones for your spring outdoor adventures. We are here for you on the customer line, chat and Instagram.