First Barefoot Shoe Purchase?

How to start with barefoot shoes?

It all starts with a thought. Just by opening this text, you prove that you are at least considering barefoot shoes as an option if you are not already planning to buy them. And we are sincerely happy about that!

The idea behind barefoot shoes is simple - wearing a non-restrictive shoe will allow the foot to function naturally and receive all necessary stimuli. Therefore, for us, we do not classify barefoot shoes as an alternative, but from a common sense perspective as the right solution for our health.

Maybe you are worried about switching to barefoot shoes, or perhaps you’ve read some myths about barefoot footwear floating around the internet. We trust the medical experts, and they agree that it’s best if the body develops and strengthens naturally and without restrictions.

Therefore, the long-term health benefits associated with active foot use outweigh the short-term discomfort of the initial wearing of barefoot shoes. Moreover, this is an exaggeration, and we can say from our own experience that the transition from regular to barefoot footwear gives the foot a pleasant feeling of freedom and comfort.

Which barefoot shoes to choose?

The thoughts are followed by words, specifically a statement of what kind of shoes you want. Are you looking for shoes for children, women, or men? Do you need sneakers, sandals, ballet flats, wellies, or pre-walking slippers? Spring, summer, winter, or year-round? What size? And do you have any preferences regarding color, material, or manufacturer? You can easily filter through the products to narrow down the massive volume of shoes in our warehouse.

For us, the first and most important thing we always address is the correct measurement of the foot because every shoe is different, and the numbering across brands doesn’t always match the inside length and width of the shoe. You can discover the exact dimensions from the comfort of your home, but we will be happy to measure your feet in our store in Písek.


The shoe size is not only determined by the foot, but we must also add sufficient additional size number, taking into consideration age, walking style, and type of shoe. If you hesitate, be sure to ask us! You can ask us in person, over the phone, or online via chat, email, or social media. We’re here to help you to choose the best shoe for your foot!

Which barefoot shoes to start with?

In general, we recommend the following tips:

  • For the first steps, try more versatile barefoot shoes on softer surfaces to get used to the new type of footwear.
  • From the start, combine wearing barefoot shoes with the active and conscious use of the foot and toes. It will contribute to the positive effect of walking on the rest of the body.
  • For everyday wear, choose the style that you like. If you think you will be embarrassed to wear them regularly, you should reach for some special ones (e.g. for sports) that you only wear occasionally.

If we have to give you one tip for a particular brand, then we suggest Anatomic barefoot shoes first. We have three reasons for this:

  • These sneakers are available in many different color options that fit any shoe closet and are suitable for users of any age.
  • Compared to other barefoot shoes, they are more affordable. Since they outperform regular shoes in the quality/price ratio, you have a great motivation to try barefoot shoes.
  • They have a thicker (but still flexible) sole than most other barefoot shoes (roughly 5-6 mm vs. 2-3 mm). So the foot doesn’t experience as big shock from the thinner sole, but it still feels more stimulation than in traditional shoes.

Where to buy barefoot shoes?

Of course, buy them from us! Thoughts and words are nothing until they turn into action. The first step can be buying barefoot shoes here, on our e-shop. The next step is to put them on your feet and wear them regularly. Once you get started, the other steps (both real and metaphorical) will naturally follow.

While you wait and repeatedly postpone the shopping, you are just sticking to words. Commit to the action! You have our full support. You can do it! Not tomorrow, sometime, but today and right now! You’re just a few clicks away from your first barefoot shoes… Have a great shopping experience!