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Kids soft soles

When natural barefoot walking is not an option anymore and even non-slip socks don´t help. When you’re running around restless kids, kissing their scrapes from the carpet, sand or floor tiling better for them. When you have to put them some shoes on...
Soft outsole and fairly spacious toe box. Soft sole shoe protects the foot, but it doesn’t deprive the foot sole of all surrounding impulses, it doesn’t make the stability worse (you can even train the stability with Utukutu motoric toys or on the playing carpets), it doesn’t lessen the natural movement. Don’t be afraid to take the soft sole shoes outside, they will scratch a little, but you will let the foot enjoy the irreplaceable first steps, even with insulated soft soles in winter.

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Page 1 of 1 - 69 items total

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